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Specialist in nutrition, holistic health consultancy based in Darlington, North East

Welcome to 1-2-1 Nutrition and Wellbeing in Darlington

Specialist in nutrition related issues and conditions, holistic healing and wellbeing

Are you battling with:
Poor digestion
Recurrent IBS
Food intolerances
Sleep disturbances
Hormonal problems
‘Take back control of your health’

Wish you could:
Shed excess weight
Banish food cravings
Improve skin conditions
Look and feel bursting with health
Eliminate digestive discomfort
‘Nourish and heal from within’

You need:
To feel energised
Quality sleep
A diet to optimise health
To be in control of your body
Clearer mental focus
‘Have the get up and go to enjoy life to the full’

Food is our body’s fuel and what we eat has an effect on every single cell and system within it. The saying ‘you are what you eat’ is very apt, however how your body copes with digestion is also vital to how you feel. So many health conditions can be supported and improved by understanding how your body, uniquely, interacts with food.

We are all totally unique, each of us having our own very different, finely tuned, metabolic and biochemical systems. This is why I provide a completely individual service, creating specific solutions, tailored to your own personal needs. I enable my clients to take back control of their health and vitality. My methods are evidence and research based.

10 good reasons to choose 1-2-1 for all nutrition related problems and wellbeing therapy

  • First class BSc Hons degree education
  • Experienced and certified holistic therapist
  • Free 15 minute phone enquiry
  • Nutritional health questionnaire prior to meeting (saves time)
  • In depth initial consultation
  • Comprehensive dietary analysis and report post consultation
  • Bespoke, personalised nutrition plans
  • Whole lifestyle and supplement advice
  • Life time email or telephone support
  • Weekend and evening appointments available

Katherine Edwardson
BSc Hons, ANutr, Reiki Master

‘Nourish – Restore – Revitalise’