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North East specialist in nutrition and holistic health consultancy, based in Darlington.

About me

Hi my name is Katherine and I am fully qualified nutritionist and wellbeing therapist. My interest in food and cookery began at an early age. I was brought up in a family where wholesome, home cooked food was part of daily life.

As an adult I developed digestive problems and was eventually diagnosed with IBS and fibromyalgia. I became very unwell, and at my lowest point, I sought help from a naturopath, as nothing else was helping. I was suffering with digestive issues, in pain, overweight, had no energy and was taking a lot of medication. From then on, I started to treat myself holistically, discovered which foods aggravated my symptoms and changed my way of eating.

My personal experiences, and how I managed to become well again, inspired me to help other people. This resulted in returning to education to study the science behind the human body, diet and health.

I graduated from Northumbria University with a first class BSc in Human Nutrition. Since then my passion and drive in helping others with all sorts of digestive and health related issues, has continued to grow and develop. Reiki treatment also became part of my own personal healing programme. This led me to go further, train and become a Reiki Master Practitioner.

I understand how difficult it is to struggle, and are at a loss as to how to get back into balance. I can help you find the path to feeling well, revitalised and back to ‘you’ again.

‘Let thy food by thy medicine, and let thy medicine by thy food’

Hippocrates, father of medicine