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North East specialist in nutrition and holistic health consultancy, based in Darlington.

Nutrition for Peak Performance

The variety of sporting activity and the physical demands of each sport differs greatly. Each athlete is totally individual, therefore is no one single nutrition programme which suits all. There are many factors to be considered when I work with an athlete, at whatever level of ability. It is most important to have a realistic programme which fits in with your lifestyle.

I look at the whole picture of you, holistically:
Whether you are currently training off season, coming up to, or actively competing, the length, intensity of the sport and any unique health/personal situations, will also determine your nutritional requirements.

– Are there any weak links which may be holding you back?
– Do you feel tired between training sessions and recover slowly?
– Do you need to reduce body fat?
– Do you suffer with digestive issues?
– Do you feel you could improve your endurance, speed and agility?

Just like a finely tuned engine works best with high octane fuel, the properly fuelled and hydrated body is an amazing machine, capable of breaking barriers and performing to compete at its best.
I work with sports men, women and adolescents, advising how to maximize performance with nutrition. I help them understand how their body can perform and recover most effectively. Even a highly trained body is limited by certain key factors, which can be optimized with a high performance nutrition program. I design these specifically for your personal needs of your body, the demands of your sport and your goals.

Before your appointment I will ask you to complete a confidential questionnaire: This is to give me initial outline details of your health, diet, sporting activities and lifestyle.


Initial consultation

An initial consultation and assessment includes:
• One hour in depth consultation
• Analysis of your current nutrition programme
• Review of vitamins and supplements
• Assessment of nutrition strategies for maximizing performance
• Complete dietary analysis
• On-going support

Post consultation you will receive a detailed analysis of your current nutritional intake, which will highlight any specific areas which need attention. I provide recommendations for improvement, any nutritional supplements necessary or changes, and a personalised initial action plan. This will include any different types of foods/fluids which will assist you in achieving optimum performance and health.


Review consultation

Regular reviews are recommended to monitor your progress and make any adaptations or modifications required. Step-by-step support is key, as nutritional requirements fluctuate for many reasons i.e. stage in sporting calendar, health status and other influences. If something needs adjusting, then it can be changed. I will give you all the support you need to find what really works for you, together, helping you to achieve your long term goals.


Initial consultation – £85.00
Review consultations – £60.00



It is very important for me to understand your personal/ medical history as well as your sporting activities. This is essential for the provision of my holistic, bespoke sports nutrition service. As it would be with your doctor our relationship is totally professional, therefore strictly confidential and complies with data protection regulations. Any information you give me is protected at all times and will not be shared with any other party, unless you give me specific written permission  (please refer to my privacy policy).